Research projects completed.

  • Genetics of Biological Nitrogen Fixation
    This research work was done at Ludhiana (1974-80), Szeged, Hungary (1980-82), New Delhi (1982-84) and Roorkee (1984-2010). The representative publications from this work are :

    1. Localization of symbiotic mutations in Rhizobium meliloti. T. Forrai, E. Vincze, Z. Banfalvi, G.B. Kiss, G.S. Randhawa & A. Kondorosi. J. Bacteriol. 153: 635-643 (1983).

    2. Construction and characterization of R-prime plasmids carrying symbiotic genes of Rhizobium meliloti. Z. Banfalvi, G.S. Randhawa, E. Kondorosi, A. Kiss & A. Kondorosi. Mol. Gen. Genet. 189: 129-135 (1983).

  • Biofortification of Wheat for Iron and Zinc
    This work was done at Roorkee from 2003-11. The representative publications from this work are :

    1. Molecular mapping of high grain iron and zinc related QTLs in a diploid RIL wheat population. V. K. Tiwari, N. Rawat, P. Chhuneja, K. Neelam, R. Agarwal, K. Singh, G. S. Randhawa & H. S. Dhaliwal. Journal of Heredity 100 : 771(2009).

    2. Substitution of 2S and 7U chromosomes Aegilops kotschyi in wheat enhances grain iron and zinc concentration. V. Tiwari, N. Rawat, K. Neelam, S. Kumar, G. Randhawa and H. Dhaliwal. Theoretical and Applied Genetics 121 : 259-269 (2010).

  • Molecular and Biochemical Studies on Galactomannan (guar gum) biosynthesis in clusterbean (guar)
    This work was started in 2001 and is in progress. The representative publications from this work are:

    1. Guar Seed -Mannan Synthase Is a Member of the Cellulose Synthase Super Gene Family. K. S. Dhugga, R.Barreiro, B. Whitten, K.Stecca, J. Hazebroek, G. S. Randhawa, M. Dolan, A. J.Kinney, D.Tomes, S. Nichols, P.Anderson. Science 303: 363-366 (2004).

    2. Plant cell wall matrix polysaccharide biosynthesis (Review Article). A. P. S. Sandhu, G. S. Randhawa & K. S. Dhugga. Molecular Plant 2 : 840-850 (2009).

  • Study of Root Architecture in Wheat in Response to Nitrogen
    This work was started in 2011 and is in progress.

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